Duration of presentations:

  • Podium presentations: 20 min including 2-5 min for Q/A
  • Poster presentations: 10 min including 2-3 min for Q/A

Information for podium / poster presenters participating in the meeting LIVE

  • Please prepare your power point presentation and send it to until 22 August, 2022.
  • Information just for poster presenters: as your poster will be prepared as pdf file using a power point, please send us the same presentation only this time as ppt slides. No need to prepare a new presentation.   
  • If you plan to play a video file during the conference, please inform us about it in advance. 
  • You will find the following equipment in the room: a podium for presenter, a laptop with Windows program, a laser pointer / clicker, a tabletop microphone on the podium and a timer. There will be no possibility to use your own laptop during the conference.  
  • A timer will be set for 20 min / 10 min  and it will go backwards (from 20 to 0 min). When you see that less then 5-3 min left on the timer, please start finishing your presentation.   
  • Power point presentation will be opened in “Presenter view” mode. 


Information for podium / poster presenters participating in the meeting VIRTUALLY

  • Please record your presentation on Zoom and send us .mp4 file to file until 22 August, 2022.
  • While recording, please use ppt slides if possible and have your profile on the side. 
  • During the meeting, a video presentation will be played and immediately after we will connect you for live Q/A session.  
  • Live Q/A will take place on Vmix platform. Link with login information and instructions will be sent to all virtual presenters one day before your presentation is scheduled.
  • Please note, that Vmix will be used only by presenters for live Q/A sessions. Live stream of the meeting will take place on Login with a password will be sent to all virtual participants one day before the start of the meeting.  


Download Zoom instructions here

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